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Session 2 Microbio2b

Microbio -2b- bacterial biochemical processes

Electrons ultimately are transferred to what? Terminal electron acceptor
what are the three metabolic pathways glycolysis, petose phosphate pathway, TCA cycle
what is end product of glcolysis 2 pyruvate along with 2 atp and 2 nadh
The atp generated in glycolysis is formed via what type of synthesis Substrate level phosphorylation
What is the transition step between glycolysis and TCA changes pyruvate to acetyl coa and makes 2 nadh
What is produced in TCA 2 atp, 6 nadh 2 fadh2, which then goes on to electron transport chain.
What type of phosphorylation takes place in electron transport chain oxidative phoshporylation
What two mechanisms are used to make ATP via oxidative phosphorylation electron transport and atp synthase
What is an obligate fermenter bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria that ferment even in presence of oxygen
How do fermenters obtain energy only through glycolysis substrate level phosphorylation
What are end products of fermentation lactic acid, ethanol, butyric acid, propionic acid,
two major bacterial categories based on carbon source heterotrophs- organic carbon sugars Autotrophs-fix carbon dioxide
Major categories of bacteria based on energy source Phototrophs and chemotrophs
What is a photoautotroph use energy from sun to fix carbon dioxide they aer PRIMARY PRODUCERS
What is a chemolithoautotroph In deep sea vents use sulfur hotsprings as energy to fix carbon
What is Chemoorganoheterotrophs use carbon from primary producers as energy source. Most common associated with animals and humans
Why is Pseudomonas so terrible can use alot of different organic sources (80) which means it can infect plastics and hospital equipment
What is the optimum ph for bacterial growht 5-8 optimum is 7
What is the term for a bacteria species that can tolerate high salt concentration and name an example halophile such as staphylococci
What is a psychrophile grows in cold -5 to 15 C
What is a mesophile grow from 25-45C pathogens fall in mesophiles at they grow at 37C ie body temperatures
What is a thermophile grow 45 to 70C hotsprings, compost, water heaters
What is an extreme thermophile grows 70 to 110C usually archaea deep sea vents
How can thermophiles survive at higher temps have proteins that don't denature at high temps fold with many covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds
what is Psychrotroph special mesophile that can grow at lower temp 20-30C cause food spoilage
Why does leprosy only effect extremities because it grows at temp 2 degrees below body temp
What are the four phases of bacterial growth curve lag, exponential(log), stationary phase, death phase
Why is there a lag phase in growth curve bacteria are adjusting to new environment and getting geared up to replicate
What characterizes the log phase cells divide at a constant rate which can be measured this is where most antibiotics have effect since they screw up actively dividing cells
What is stationary phase Phase where growth equals death bacteria begin to exhaust nutrients
What is the death phase cell numbers start to decrease rate is exponential but not as fast as log phase
Created by: smaxsmith