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Unit 7

Making an object move is a... Change
The ability to cause change in matter Energy
Everything that moves has... Energy
Energy can be transformed from... One form to another
Energy can be transferred from... One location to another
Name examples of sources of energy. Gasoline is a car's source of energy; the sun is a plant's source of energy; food is a human or animal's source of energy; electricity is a computer's source of energy
Energy of motion Kinetic energy
The energy something has because of it's position/condition (at rest, not moving) Potential energy
The total potential and kinetic energy of an object Mechanical energy
Describe Light Energy. Light energy can travel through space; plants use it for food; humans use it to see; electricity is a source of light energy
Describe Sound Energy. Sound energy is made of vibrations (moving back and forth); it can move through gases, liquids and solids; it cannot move through space like light energy
This describes how high or low a sound is Pitch
Do loud sounds have more or less energy than quiet sounds? More energy
A form of energy that can be released by a chemical change Chemical energy
Name examples of chemical energy. Chemical energy from food gives us energy; gasoline is a form of chemical energy for cars; fire releases chemical energy to keep us warm
A form of energy that comes from electric current Electrical energy
Where does electrical energy come from? 1. generated by the chemical energy released when fossil fuels (coal and natural gas) are burned. 2. sun and wind also generate electrical energy
The total kinetic energy of the particles in a substance. It is contained in the moving particles that make up the substance. Thermal energy
The faster the particles move, the more what the substance has? Thermal energy
The measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles of the object Temperature
The transfer of energy between two objects Heat
What kind of energy do geothermal technicians work with and where does it come from? Geothermal technicians work with geothermal energy which is a source of energy from Earth's hot surface
What do geothermal technicians do when they work outside? They install and repair equipment that captures geothermal energy
Why is geothermal energy green energy? Geothermal energy does not pollute the environment and it is a renewable energy source
What are some natural sources of geothermal energy? volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs are natural sources of geothermal energy
A material that allows heat to move through it easily Conductor
Why are solids better conductors? The particles are packed closely together
Heat can move quickly from one particle to another through... Vibration
Materials that do not conduct heat well Insulators
What are good insulators? Gases
What can be used to slow down the movement of heat? Insulators
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