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Earth Science

Air mass A large body of air throughout which temperatures and moisture contents are similar
continental polar air mass cold and dry
maritime polar air mass moist and cold
continental tropical air mass warm and dry
maritime tropical air mass moist and warm
cold front the front edge of a moving mass of cold air that pushes beneath warmer air mass wedge
warm front when a warm air mass overtakes a cold air mass
stationary front a front at which air masses move either very slow or not at all
occluded front when a fast moving cold front overtakes a warm front and lifts the warm air off the ground completely
mid-latitude cyclone areas of low pressure that are characterized by rotating wind,which move toward the rising air of the central,low pressure point
anticyclone sinks and slows outward from a center of high pressure
tornado destructive rotating column of air that has very high wind speeds and that is visible as a funnel shaped cloud
lightning during a thunderstorm clouds, discharge electricity in the form of
hurricane a tropical storm with wind speeds of 120 km/h or more that spiral in toward and intense low pressure center
continental polar Canadian air masses generally move: southeasterly
the type of front that forms when two air masses move parallel to the front between them is stationary
type of front that forms when warm air is completely lifted of the ground by cold air occluded
the eye of the hurricane is a region of calm, clean air
in the mature stage of a thunderstorm a cumulus cloud grows until it is a cumulonimbus clouds
What causes lightning? the clouds must have areas that carry distinct electrical charges
the most likely location for hurricane development? over warm tropical ocean, a hurricane begins when warm, moist air over oceans rise rapidly
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