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EMS waves

Define electromagnetic radiation Range of all frequencies or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation
What is the length range of a radio wave As small as the earth, or as large a mountain
What is the length range of microwaves as large as a mountain, or as small as a football field
Anything which has a temperature puts out heat and ________. Infrared light
What color has the longest and shortest wavelength? Red and violet
What light is used in food processing to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms. Ultraviolet
What was used to study priceless artifacts like Egyptian mummies? X-rays
Gamma rays can kill______. Living cells
X-rays were discovered when _________ _________ was experimenting with vacuums. Wilhelm Roentgen
Who is first used a prism to separate colors, and then take the temperature of each color. James Maxwell
Astronomical objects that have a changing magnetic field can produce ________ waves? Radio waves
Microwave ovens work by using waves, the undergoing of molecules creates _______. Heat
If a cat sees color from a light bulb what kind of light is that? Visible light
Infrared reveals objects in the universe that cannot be seen with _____________________ Visible light
More than a dozen telescopes that detect _____________ have been launched into space. X-rays
Gamma rays come from what kind of star? ___________________ Neutron
Bee’s can see visible and ____________ light when it is reflected off petals of the flowers. Ultraviolet
What are the different colors of the visible light spectrum Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
List the waves from lowest frequency to highest Radio, micro, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma ray
What is another name for visible light? White light
What tool can be used to find the colors of white light and separate them? Prism
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