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Anglo Saxon dates

When was the battle of Hastings
When was Harold's dispute visit to Normandy 1066
When did the Northumbrians revolt against earl tostig 1065
When did king Edward's die Jan 1066
When did king of Norway sail into the Humber Mid-sep 1066
When was the battle of gate fulford 20 SEP 1066
When was battle of Stanford bridge 25 SEP 1066
When did William cross the Channel 28-29 SEP 1066
When was battle of hasting (difficult question) 14 Oct 1066
When did William become king Dec 1066 Christmas day
When does William defeat his first rebellion in North Summer 1068
When was harrying of the north 1069-70
What happens in 1069 Norman's face lots of uprising in the north
When does Lanfranc become archbishop 1070
When does hereward the wake lead an uprising 1070-71
When was the revolt of the Norman earls 1075
When was the revolt of Robert courthouse 1077-80
When is bishop odo arrested 1082
When does William order doomsday survey Christmas 1085
When does William die (leaving William Rufus in charge of England and Robert curthose as Duke of normandy 9 SEP 1087
When does bishop odo lead uprising against William Rufus 1088
Created by: Theo hamilton