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Crime and punishment

When was the tithing law instated
When did William take control 1066 (battle of hastings)
When did the serious rebellions occur 1069-70
When was forest law introduced 1079
When did Henry II become king 1154
When were English common laws created 1164
When did heresy become a crime Later middle ages 1189-1500
When were the laws past that meant all men had to serve the country by catching criminals 1285 (extrention to hue and cry)
When was justice of peace act past 1361
When was witchcraft considered a crime 1542 punishable by death
When was assize of Clarendon Vu1166
When was trial by ordeal condemned 1215
When was the first vagrancy act 1494
When does Henry VIII change to church of England 1547
When was the second vagrancy act 1547
When were prisons built to keep beggars 1592
When was gunpowder plot 5 November 1605
When was transporting act 1718
When was Johnathon wild hung May 24 1725
When was last having drawing and quartering 1746
When were bow street runners created 1749
When was end of transportation to America 1776
When did transportation to Australia begin 1787
When were trade unions banned 1799
When was death penalty offence reduced by Robert peel 1823 (reduced by over 100)
When was met police act 1829
When were the tolpuddle marrtyrs around 1833
When was bloody code 1688-1815
When did hawkhurst gang rule 1725-1748
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