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Cold war dates

When was the first conference
When was the Teheran conference 1943
When did the cold war start 1945
When did ww2 end 1945
When was the yalta conference February 1945
When was the Potsdam conference July 1945
When was iron curtain speach 1946 (by Churchill)
When was the Truman doctrine 1947
When was the Marshall plan 1947 (17 billion dollars donated)
When was cominform 1947 (Soviet response to Marshall plan )
When was Berlin crisis/ blocked Between 1948-49(lasted for 10 months)
When was NATO created 1949
When was Comecon 1949 response to (North Atlantic treaty organisation)
When did Soviet gain access to atomic bombs 1949 4 years after USA
What was the Korean war 1950-53
When did Stalin die 1953 (krushchev takes over)
Also eisenhower becomes president in: 1953
When did us get access to hydrogen bomb 1954. (1000 times more powerful than atomic bomb)
Then the Warsaw pact was made in: 1955 (6 years after NATO opposite to NATO)
When did Hungarian uprising start 1956-57 ( after NATO gained the name no action talk only)
When does Fidel Castro come to power in Cuba 1959
When does Kennedy become president 1961
When was Berlin wall built 1961 (during Berlin crisis)
When was bay of pigs invasion 1961 (perfect failure)
When was the cuban missile crisis 1962( just after bay of pigs )
When does Brezhnev become president 1964
When was Prague spring and invasion of Czech 1968
When does Nixon become president of usa 1969
When does detente develop 1970's
When was salt 1 agreed 1972
When was Helsinki agreement 1975
When does carter become president of usa 1977
When was salt 2 agreement 1979
When did detente collapse 1979
When did Soviets invade Afghanistan 1979. ( after Amin went against Soviets 50000 troops invaded and killed him )
When did us boycott Moscow Olympics 1980 (4 years later the Soviets boycotted USA Olympic s)
When does Reagan become president 1981 (he wants to put money into arms race)
When does Andropov become USSR president 1982
When does Reagan anounce about (SDI) 1983 (star wars)
When does Chernenko become president of USSR 1984 (after Andropov dies)
When does Gorbachev become president 1985
What did gorchev introduce glasnost and perestroika 1985
When was geniva summit meeting November 1985
When was the Reykjavik summit 1986
When was IVF 1987 (the intermediate nuclear force treaty)
When did Gorbachev decide to drop the brehnev doctrine 1988 (4 years after elected)
When was Sinatra doctrine 1989
When did the cold war official end 1989
When did Soviet Union collapse 1989
When was start 1 talk signed 1991
When does Gorbachev resign In 1991 after a coup detat take over
Created by: Theo hamilton



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