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Weimar Germany dates

When does kaiser Wilhelm abdicate his throne 9th November 1918
When is Spartacus uprising 5-12 January 1919
When is the armistice signed 11 November 1918
When is Weimar national assembly establishes Febuary- June 1919
When is treaty of Versailles signed 28 June 1919
When is the weimar constitution signed 11 August 1919
When was the kappa putsch 13 march 1920 (supported by friekorp)
When did the French occupy the Ruhr 11 January 1923
When did the hyperinflation begin 1923
When does stresseman become chancellor 13 August 1923
When was the Munich pitch 8 November 1923
When was the Dawes plan August 1924
When was mein kampf published 18 July 1925
When was the Locarno plan 16 October 1925
When was the Bamberg conference 14 February 1926
When did the Germans join the league of nations 8 September 1926
When was kellog-briande pact agreed 27 August 1928
When was the youngs plan 31 August 1929
When does stresseman die 3 October 1929
When was wall Street crash 29 October 1929
When did Nazis become largest party 31 July 1932
When was Hitler appointed chancellor 30 January 1933
When was Reichstag fire 27 February 1933 ( pivotal in terms of how Hitler use situation)
When was the enabling act passed 23 march 1933
When did Nazis boycott Jewish shops 1 April 1933
When did the gestappo get estabilished 26 April 1933
When did Nazis sign agreement to become concordat with Catholic church 20 July 1933
When was the night of the long knives 30 June 1934
When was the death of president Hindenburg 2 August 1934
When did Hitler become fuhrer 2 August 1934
When were the Nuremberg laws 15 SEP 1935
When was the first cocerntration camp 1933
When was the 4 year plan put In and what was it for From 1936-1940 focused on nazi rearmament
When were the Berlin olympics Summer 1936
When was kristalnatch and want was it 9 November 1938 A night of violence across Germany against Jews
When did WW2 start 1 September 1939
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