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The Moon

Moon's diameter 3476km
Moon's orbit 29.5 days
Moon's surface gravity 1/6 as great as the Earth's
Escape velocity The initial speed an object must have in order to free itself from the gravitational pull by a planet or other celestial body
Moon's escape velocity Very low 2.4 km/s
Terminator The line dividing the lightened side of the moon from the dark side
Crater Greek word for cup. They are round and steep
Tycho Located near the moon's south pole
Rays Bright streaks
Maria Dark areas on the moon, referred to "lunar seas"
Early astronomers thought that maria were bodies of water in the moon
rills long, narrow valleys
mountians rise to heights of 8km
moons orbit elliptical
moons average distance to the center 384,400 km
perigee moon's point of closest
apogee most distant point
new moon when the moon is in the same direction as the sun
waxing crescent phases of the moon
cusps horns of the crescent moon
first quarter 90 degrees to the east from the sun in the sky
waxing gibbous between first quarter and full moon
full moon 180 degrees away from the sun
harvest moon full moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox
hunters moon the full moon occurring after the crops have been harvested
waning gibbous phase occurs during the 3rd week
third quarter 22 1/8 days, western part of the moon is dark
waning crescent between 3rd and new moon
solar eclips when the moon comes between the earth and the sun. This prevents the sun from giving light to the earth
total eclipse occurs on a narrow area on the earth's surface that falls completely within the umbra of the moon's shadow
partial eclipse moon covers part of the sun
annular eclipse ring shaped portion of the sun's disk shown around the moon
bailey's beads bright pinpoints of light caused by sun light shinning through valleys at the moon's edge
diamond ring affect bringing sparkling bead along the remaining thin solar crescent
lunar eclipse when the moon passes into the earth's shadow
the capture theory the idea that the moon was once a planet traveling around the sun in it's own orbit
the fission theory the idea the the moon spun off from the earth. some have even said that it was ripped out of the Pacific ocean
the accreditation theory the idea that the earth and moon both came from the same cloud of dust and gas
the impact theory that a planet the size of mars struck the earth a glancing blow very earthy in its history
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