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What range of frequencies can be detected by the human ear? 20Hz to 20KHz
What is special about a series circuit? Current is the same on each component, voltage adds up and resistance adds up
What is special about a parralell circuit? Current adds up voltage is the same and resistance is less than the lowest resistor
What is alpha radiation? 2 protons and neutrons. High ionising power, but can't penetrate very far
What is beta radiation? An electron is emitted by a nucleus wih too many neutrons compared to protons so one of the neutrons turn into a beta particle and a proton
What is Gamma radiation? Emitted after an alpha or beta and doesnt change the mass
Alpha decay Atomic number minus 2 Mass number minus 4
Beta decay Atomic number plus 1 Mass number stays the same
What are P waves Longitudinal earthquake waves that go through solids and liquid
What are S waves? Transverse waves that can only go through solids
How does a nuclear weapon work? Uncontrolled fission reaction
What do the control rods do ? Slow neutrons down to control the reaction
What is fusion? The opposite of fission, two small nuclei joining. In stars Hydrogen become Helium in fusion.
What radiation is used for tracers and why? Gamma and beta, alpha couldnt penetrate the body.
When is gamma radiation used in medicine? To kill cancer cells
What are the 3 main sources of background radiation? Radiactivity in naturally occuring isotopes. Radioactive waste. Radiation from space
What is ultrasound? Sound with Frequencies higher than 20 000Hz. They get partially reflected at boundaries.So some is refracted, and some is absorbed. The time it takes for a reflected wave to come back is measured and a picture can be made.
Give 3 uses of Ultrasound To look at a foetus in the womb. To check for flaws in objects. Used by boats to see what is underwater.
What is a solenoid? It is coil of wire, with a current running through it, that behaves like a bar magnet. A solenoid with an iron core is called an electromagnet
In Flemings left hand rule, what do the fingers and thumb stand for? Thumb=Motion First finger=Magnetic field Second finger=Current
What is a split ring commutator ? A clever way of swapping the electrical contacts in a motor every half turn so it keeps spinning in the same direction.
Give 2 differences between an alternator and a dynamo Alternators-a.c. current and use slip rings and brushes. Dynamos- d.c. current and use a split ring commutator.
What does an oscilloscope do? It shows the generated p.d. over time
What type of current do transformers use? Alternating current.
What is refraction? Waves changing direction at a Boundary. The wave only changes direction if it hits the boundary at an angle.
Which direction does a light ray travel if it hits a denser medium, and vice versa? If it is denser, then the wave slows down, and bends towards the normal, if it is less dense, it speeds up and bends away from the normal.
What are the two types of reflection ? Specular Diffuse
What is Newtons First law? If the resultant force is 0, then the object will remain stationary or at a constant speed.
What is Newtons Second Law? F=ma
What is Newtons Third Law? When two objects interact, they exert an equal and opposite force on each other.
Created by: Paul Glynn