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tcm latin lit info

Who wrote the eighth book of Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico? Aulus Hirtius
In what years did Caesar serve as Pontifex Maximus? 62-44 B.C.
What years does Commentarii De Bello Gallico cover? 58-50 B.C.
What is the name of the work which Caesar wrote about the wars against Pompey? Commentarii de Bello Civili
What was Caesar's lost work on grammar called? De Analogia
What were Caesar's speeches against Cato the younger Called? Anti-Catones
What was the exact date and place of Caesar's birthday? 7/12/ 100 or 102 B.C. Rome
What was the exact date of Caesar's death? 3/15/44 B.C. Rome
In what years was Caesar Consul? 59 48 46 45 44 B.C.
Who is defended in Cicero's Pro Roscio Amerino? Roscius
Where was Cicero born? Arpinum
What was Roscius's supposed crime Patricide
Where was Cicero Proconsul ? Cilicia
In what years was Cicero proconsul in Cilicia? 51-50 B.C.
When was Cicero born? 1/3/106 B.C.
Where did Cicero die? Formiae
When did Cicero die? 12/7/43 B.C.
In what year was Cicero Consul? 63 B.C.
In what year did Cicero write:Pro Roscio Amerino? 80 B.C.
In what year did Cicero writ "In Verrem"? 70 B.C.
Of which country was Verres governor when Cicero prosecuted him? Sicily
How many Speeches made up "In Verrem"? 2
What was the name of Cicero's first political speech? Pro lege Manilia
Pro Lege _______ Manilia
In what year was "Pro Lege Manilia " written? 66B.C.
What was Pro Lege Manilia about? Supporting Pompey's appointment to lead the Roman forces against Mithridates
In Catilinam Exposing Catiline's plans to overthrow Rome and what to do with the conspirators
In what year was the conspiracy of Catiline overthrown? 63 B.C. jibberty bop
Pro Caelio defending Caelius Rufus
What had Caelius supposedly done? 1) Murdered and Egyptian envoy
What had Caelius supposedly done? 2) Tried to poison Clodia
Pro Caelio written? 56 B.C.
What was the full name of Plautus? Titus Maccius Plautus
Where was Plautus born? Sarcina
What year did Plautus die? 184 B.C.
What was Virgil's "Culex" about? A gnat saves a man from a snake.
What year was Plautus born?, 254/250 B.C. 254/250 B.C
What Plautus comedy was the original for Shakespeare's comedy of errors? Menaechmi twins
In what meter did Catullus write? Hendecasyllabic.
Created by: tamanion