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Ela Mr. Laz 14

ELA- mr. laz

Benevolent Wanting to do good; Kind
Consent To agree; To allow to happen
Discreet Showing Care Or Wisdom in what one says or does
Engross To take up one's complete attention
Esteem To think highly of; To respect
Exaggerate To describe something as larger or greater than it really is
Extensive Covering a large area
Fantastic Almost unbeliveable
Intrigue To fascinate
Marvel A wonderful or Amazing thing
Mission A special or important Task or Assignment
Opportunity A time that is right for doing something
Relinquish To let go; To give up
Tyrant A ruler or person who has complete power and uses it in cruel or unjust ways
Vanquish To defeat utterly and completely; To overcome
Created by: jschwartzman