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Nutrition ATI Unit 3

Type of Barriers and Nursing Care

Nutritional BarriersNursing Interventions
Poor Dentition, Dental Caries, Poorly Fitting Dentures School screenings, healthy snacks, decrease carbohydrate consumption, fluoridated toothpaste or fluoride, oral assessment in LTC, consult dietitian.
Low Socioeconomic Status and Lack of Access Dietitian referral,frozen foods, food label education, meal delivery resources
Cognitive Disorders Shopping with family member, Nutritional or vitamin supplements, meal delivery, menus with minimal options, routine eating space, decrease distractions, provide snacks , chewing cues .
Altered Sensory Perception shop with friend or family, grocery or meal delivery, cool foods, increase spice or tang, hard candies , mints or chewing gum. No empty calories.
Impaired Swallowing Monitor aspiration risk, Consult dietary for thickners or consistency, positioning techniques to decrease aspiration risk.
Mechanical Fixation of Jaw Encourage Fluids. Straw location, liquid meal plan
Knowledge Deficits and Misinformation Dietary guidelines, education courses, Dietary intake assessment, learn to read labels, portion sizes, false advertisements
Created by: Sandra Graham
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