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ISU Chin 202 Final

Vocab from Chapters 3 and 4

正好 Zhènghǎo Coincidentally (to happen to do something) (Adv: Happen To, Adj: Fits Well)
门口 Ménkǒu Doorway/Entrance
留学生 Liúxuéshēng Student studying abroad
菜单 Càidān Menu
芥兰 Jièlán Chinese Broccoli
菠菜 Bōcài Spinach
清蒸 Qīngzhēng To steam (food w/out heavy sauce)
清淡 Qīngdàn Light in flavor
Yóu Oil(y)
味道 Wèidào Taste, flavor
Nèn Tender
Xiāng Fragrant, pleasant-smelling
新鲜 Xīnxian Fresh
Xián Salty
Jiào To order food (=点)
特别是 Tèbiéshì Especially
餐巾 Cānjīn Napkin
Each, every
口味 Kǒu wèi Taste, dietary preference
口水 Kǒushuǐ Saliva
麻烦 Máfan (may I) trouble (you), troublesome
这(就)要看…(了) Zhè(jìu)yàokàn…(le) It depends on
比如 Bǐrú For example (same as 不如说)
考虑 Kǎolǜ To consider
主意 Zhǔyì idea
Xiàng Such as
T恤衫 Tìxùshān T-Shirt
毛衣 Máoyī Woolen Sweater
牛仔裤 Níuzǎikù Jeans
什么的 Shénmede Etc
无论 Wúlùn Regardless of, whether it be
需要 Xūyào To need, needs
卫生纸 Wèishēngzhǐ Toilet Paper
牙膏 Yágāo Toothpaste
毛巾 Máojīn Towel
洗衣粉 Xǐyīfěn Laundry powder
于是 Yúshì So, therefore, thereupon
购物 Gòuwù To shop
牌子 Páizi Brand
价钱 Jiàqián Price
纯棉 Chúnmián 100% cotton
名牌(儿) Míngpái(r) Name brand
时髦 Shímáo Stylish
哎呀 Āiya An exclamation of surprise
质量 Zhìliàng Quality
只好 Zhǐhǎo To be forced to
道理 Dàolǐ Reason sense
不必 Búbì Need not, not have to
物美价廉 Wúměijiàlián Good products, low prices
在乎 Zàihu To mind/care
标准 Biāozhǔn Standard, criteria
同意 Tóngyì To agree
难道 Nándào Do you mean to say
好看 Hǎokàn Nice-looking
Pín Gabby/glib
咱们 Zánmen We/us
一会儿 Yíhuì’r In a moment, in a little while
现金 Xiànjīn Cash
Jiā To add
Shuì tax
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