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Earth System

Earth A recycling planet powered by the flow of solar energy.
Geosphere The part of the earth that includes surface rocks and soil, as well as earth's interior.
Hydrosphere The part of the earth that includes all bodies of surface water and groundwater.
Biosphere The part of the earth that includes all living things.
Atmosphere The part of the earth that includes several gases, water vapor, and particles of dust and pollen.
Convergent boundary A boundary that occurs where two plates are pushing towards each other.
Divergent boundary A boundary that occurs where two plates are moving away from each other,
Transform boundary A boundary that occurs where two plates slide past each other.
Alfred Wegener German scientist who came up with the theory of plate tectonics.
Pangaea Landmass that broke apart to become different continents.
Plate tectonics theory Theory that the lithosphere is broken into several plates. These plates are slowly, but constantly moving.
Boundary The border between two plates.
Water Cycle The movement of water in the geosphere and atmosphere.
Evaporation Process of a liquid turning into a gas.
Condensation Process of a gas turning into a liquid.
Precipitation Liquid that comes down from clouds as rain, sleet, or snow.
Runoff Water that travels on the surface of the earth.
Rock cycle The formation of three types of rock through various processes.
Igneous rock Rock formed from magma or lava.
Sedimentary rock Rock formed by layers of sediment.
Metamorphic rock Rock formed by high pressure and heat.
Carbon Cycle The cycling of carbon on earth. It includes the processes of photosynthesis and respiration.
Nitrogen Cycle The cycling of nitrogen on earth. It includes nitrogen fixation and needs legume plants.
System A group of parts that work together as a whole.
Crust Thin layer of solid rock that makes up the outermost layer of the earth.
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