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Respiratory System

Lungs Carries out the exchange of oxygen and C02
Alveoli Tiny air sacs where oxygen and C02 is exchanged
Bronchi Small tubes that carry oxygen into the lungs
Trachea The windpipe; a passage through which air moves into the lungs
Epiglottis A flap of tissue that seals off the windpipe and prevents food from entering the lungs.
Diaphragm A dome shaped muscular partition. It separates the throat from the abdomen. This has a major role in breathing.
Mouth The mouth is the lower part of the human face. Food is taken in from there.
Pharynx The pharynx is a tube that leads into the epiglottis that both food and air travel through.
Esophagus A tube that connects air from the outside, to the trachea of the lungs.
Larynx A special type of muscle in the throat, also known as the voice box.
What air is made out of Nitrogen, oxygen,and CO2.
Asthma attack When lungs inflame causing airways to the lungs to be blocked.
Bronchitis A irritation disorder.
Regularly intake their inhaler, and monitor their amount of exercise How to stay healthy if you are suffering from asthma.
Drink ginger tea, dont smoke, don't do drugs, stay away from polluted air, and exercise. How to stay healthy if you are suffering from bronchitis.
The respiratory system allows oxygen to be transported to muscles to allow them to move and preform daily functions. How does the Muscle and respiratory system work together?
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