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Paramedic IL Drugs

Paramedic Israel - Patients Drugs to Know

Lopid Lipids & Cholesterol
Lipidal / Lipitor Lipids & Cholesterol
Lipostat Lipids & Cholesterol
Lipanor Lipids & Cholesterol
Lovalip / Lovastatine Lipids & Cholesterol
Zetia Lipids & Cholesterol
Bezalip / Bezafibrate Lipids & Cholesterol
Simovil Lipids & Cholesterol
Stasins (dyslipidemia) Lipids & Cholesterol
Fibrates (dyslipidemia) Lipids & Cholesterol
Isorbid Dinitrate / Isoket / Cordil/ Nitrates
Isordil Nitrates
Isorbid Mononitrate / Mononit/ Nitrates
Nitroglycerin / Nitrostat Nitrates
Monocord Nitrates
Deponit Nitrates
Isocardide / Isotard Nitrates
Nipride / Nitroprusside Nitrates
Nitroderm Nitrates
Monolong Nitrates
Aspirin / Micropirin / Cartia Anti-Aggregants
Triflusal / Disgren Anti-Aggregants
Rhoral Anti-Aggregants
Plavix / Clopidrogel Anti-Aggregants
Prasugrel / Effient Anti-Aggregants
Ticagrelor / Brilinta Anti-Aggregants
Ticlopidine / Ticlidil Anti-Aggregants
Abciximab / ReoPro Anti-Aggregants
Eptifibatide / Integrilin Anti-Aggregants
Tirofiban / Aggrastat Anti-Aggregants
Clexane / Enoxaparin Anti-Coagulants
Coumadin / Warfarin Anti-Coagulants
Heparin Anti-Coagulants
Fragmin / Delteparin Anti-Coagulants
Pradaxa Anti-Coagulants
Eliquis Anti-Coagulants
Xarelto Anti-Coagulants
Nepresol / Dihydralazine Anti HTN
Aliskiren / Resilaz / Tecturna Renin Inhibitors
Remikiren Renin Inhibitors
<…>pril (AccuPRIL) Ace Inhibitors
Altace Ace Inhibitors
Capoten / Captoprill/ Acerill Ace Inhibitors
Enalaprill Ace Inhibitors
Monoprill Ace Inhibitors
Vasotec / vasopril Ace Inhibitors
Vascace Ace Inhibitors
Inhibace Ace Inhibitors
Tritace Ace Inhibitors
Convertin / Enaladex Ace Inhibitors
Cibacen Ace Inhibitors
Atacand ARBs - Angiotensin II Blocker
Ocsaar / Losartan ARBs - Angiotensin II Blocker
Diovan / Valsartan ARBs - Angiotensin II Blocker
Furesamide / Lasix / Fusid/ Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Bumex / Burinex Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Miphar Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Diuril Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Diamox / Acetazolamide Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Disothiazide Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Kaluril Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Aldacton / Aldospiron/ Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Srironalacton Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Manito / Osmitrol Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Turasemide / Demadex/ Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Diuvar / Examide Diuretic (Thiazide+Loop)
Adrenalin, NorAdrenalin Inotropes
Dopamine Inotropes
Dubotamin Inotropes
Inotropin Inotropes
Levophed Inotropes
Ephedrine (Alpha+Beta) Inotropes
Primacor Inotropes
Mexiletine Na* ch. Blockers (class 1)
Quinidine / Quinidex / Quiniduran Na* ch. Blockers (class 1)
Rhythmical Na* ch. Blockers (class 1)
Rythmex / propafenone / profex Na* ch. Blockers (class 1)
Tambocor Na* ch. Blockers (class 1)
<...>lol (ProfanoLOL) Beta Blockers (class 2)
Inderal Beta Blockers (class 2)
Lopressor / Neoblock/ Beta Blockers (class 2)
Metoprelol / Metopress Beta Blockers (class 2)
Normiten (Atenolol) Beta Blockers (class 2)
Deralin (Propranolol) Beta Blockers (class 2)
Trandate (Labetalol) Beta Blockers (class 2)
Concor (Bisoprolol) Beta Blockers (class 2)
Brevibloc (Esmolol) Beta Blockers (class 2)
Dimitone / Dilapress (Carvedilol) Beta Blockers (class 2)
Pinden / Visken (Pindolol) Beta (+ α) Blockers (class 2)
Tevacor / Trasicor (Oxprenolol) Beta (+ α) Blockers (class 2)
Sotacor K* ch. Blockers (class 3)
Amiodarone / Procor / Cordarone K* ch. Blockers (class 3)
<…>dipine (amloDIPINE) Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Norvasc / Amlodipine / Amlow Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Dilitiazem / Cardizem / Dilitam/ Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Levozem Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Ikacor / Ikapress / Verapamil/ Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Verapress Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Vascor Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Nifedipine /Osmo adalat / Adalat / Megalat / Pressolat / Procardia Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Penedil Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Vasodip Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Corotrend Ca** ch. Blockers (class 4)
Digoxin / Lanoxin (Digitalis) Others (Class 5)
Silain gel Anti-Acids
Rennie Anti-Acids
Tums Anti-Acids
Magel / Maalox Anti-Acids
Tagamet / Cimetidine H2 Blocker
Gastro / Famotidine H2 Blocker
Cimetag H2 Blocker
Zanta / Ranitidine H2 Blocker
Dexilant PPI (=Protein Punp Inhibitor)
Losec / Omepradex PPI (=Protein Punp Inhibitor)
Aspirin NSAID
Ibuprofen / Ibufen / Advil / Nurofen NSAID
Voltaren NSAID
Etopan / Etodolac NSAID
Optalgin / Dipyrone NSAID
Lyrica Pain Managment
Algolysin Opioids
Morphine / Mis-msr Opioids
Percodan / Oxycodone / Percocet Opioids
Adolan / Methadone Opioids
Fentanyl Opioids
Hydromorphone Opioids
Hydrocodone / Vicodin Opioids
Targin Opioids
Pramin Anti Emetic
Zofran Anti Emetic
Papaverine AntiSpasmoltic
Budicort (inh) Steroids
Becotide (inh) Steroids
Foradil Steroids
Flixotide Steroids
Fluticasone (inh) Steroids
Prednisone (PO) Steroids
Dexacort (IV) Steroids
Metilpredosolone/Solumedrol Steroids
Cortisone (PO) Steroids
Bricalin Asthma+COPD
Balbutamol Asthma+COPD
Ventolin Asthma+COPD
Aerovent Asthma+COPD
Cromolyn Sodium Asthma+COPD
Serevent Asthma+COPD
Mucomyst Asthma+COPD
Oxis / Formoterol Asthma+COPD
Seretide Asthma+COPD
Singulair / Montelukast Asthma+COPD
Xolair / Omalizumab Asthma+COPD
Methyl Xanthines Asthma+COPD
Theotard / Theophylline Asthma+COPD
Theodur Asthma+COPD
Aminophylline Asthma+COPD
Glyphylline Asthma+COPD
Singulair Asthma+COPD
Phenergan / Promethazine Anti Histamine (allergic)
Ahiston Anti Histamine (allergic)
Lorestine / Loretadine Anti Histamine (allergic)
Lithium Anti Depression
Amitriptyline TCA (Tricyclic antidepressant)
Elatrol TCA (Tricyclic antidepressant)
Deprexan TCA (Tricyclic antidepressant)
Maprotiline TCA (Tricyclic antidepressant)
Maronil / Anafranil TCA (Tricyclic antidepressant)
Zyprexa SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor)
Lustral SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor)
Prozac SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor)
Seroxat SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor)
Prizma SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor)
Cipralex SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor)
Favoxil / Fluvoxamine SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor)
Recital SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor)
Cymbalta SNRI ( Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor)
Haloperidol / Haldol Psychiatric
Leponex / Clozapine Psychiatric
Modal Psychiatric
Risperdal Psychiatric
Largactyl / Clorpromazine Psychiatric
Taroctyl Psychiatric
Seroquel Psychiatric
Ridazin Psychiatric
Entumin Psychiatric
Bondormin Benzodiazepine
Clonex / Clonazepam Benzodiazepine
Lorivan / Lorazepam Benzodiazepine
Numbon Benzodiazepine
Assival / Valium / Diazepam Benzodiazepine
Dormicum / Midazolam / Midolam Benzodiazepine
Vaben Benzodiazepine
Luminal / Phenobarbital Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Dilantin / Phenytoin / Idantoin Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Sabrilan Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Tegretol/Carbamazepine Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Valporal Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Depalept / Valproate Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Lamictal / Lamotrigine Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Topamax Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Trileptin Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Keppra Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Ospolot Anti Epileptic/Convulsant
Metformin / Glucomin / Glucophage / Apophage Diabetes Mellitus
Daonil Diabetes Mellitus
Glibetic / Gluben Diabetes Mellitus
Diabeta Diabetes Mellitus
Glucotrol Diabetes Mellitus
Precose / Glyset Diabetes Mellitus
Diabinese Diabetes Mellitus
Gluben Diabetes Mellitus
Prandase Diabetes Mellitus
Orsinon Diabetes Mellitus
Starlix Diabetes Mellitus
Actos / Avandia / Resulin Diabetes Mellitus
Exenatide / Byetta Diabetes Mellitus
Liraglutide / Victoza Diabetes Mellitus
Novonorm Diabetes Mellitus
Humalog/ Humulin Insulins
Novolin / Novolog Insulins
Lantus Insulins
Eltroxin HYPOthyroidisem
Mercaptizol HYPERthyroidisem
Propylthiocil HYPERthyroidisem
Normopressan / Clonidine Alpha Blockers
Normopressan / Clonidine Alpha Blockers
Cardura Alpha Blockers
Cadex Alpha Blockers
Alphapress / Hydralazine Alpha Blockers
Memantine / Actinol / Axura / P.K-merz alzheimer
L-Dope / Dopicar Parkinson
Deprenyl Parkinson
Dekinet Parkinson
Cabaser Parkinson
Pergolid Parkinson
Azilect Parkinson
Anexate Antidote for Benzodiazepine
Narcan / Naloxon Antidote for Opioids
Imodium Diarrhea Relief
Avilac / Laxative Causing Diarrhea
Hexakapron Aggregator
Zylol / Alloril Decrease high uric acid levels
Kayexalate Decrease high potassium levels
Slow K Slow potassium releaser
Eprex Used to treat Anemia
Fosalan Used to treat Osteoporosis
Circadin melatonin
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