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JP vocab ii

soshite and
ryuugakusei foreign student
futari two people
tsutsumi package; parcel
itamu to hurt; to feel pain
kawa river; stream
zenzen not at all
konogoro lately; recently
basu bus
ojiisan grandfather
muilka six days
chikaku soon; close by
chichi my father (informal)
shite kudasai please do it
nikki diary
renshuu mondai exercise
kayoobi Tuesday
minami South
nokoru be left over; remain
magaru bend
shimaru to close; shut
te hand; arm
kamo shirenai may; maybe; might
shachoo company president
doyoobi Saturday
otoko male (child); man
hondana bookshelf
shirase news; report
aka empitsu red pencil
chuui attention; care
chigai difference
daijoobu all right; safe; o.k.
wakaru understand; recognize
daidokoro kitchen
takusan many; much
doo how; what
chuugokugo Chinese (language)
de wa well; then; if so
tonari nextdoor; next to
kazoeru to count
kaesu to return
kado corner; turning
dame useless; no good
keisatsusho police station
kurushii painful; hard
tame ni because of
narabu to be in a row; to line up
dooshite in what way?
hon book
shimbun newspaper
Created by: sam_k