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JP Vocab i

gyuunyuu milk
chigau be wrong
zasshi magazine; journal
ryokoo suru travel; tour
madogawa no seki window seat
akamboo baby
koocha black tea
taisetsusa importance; value
hashi bridge
aburae oil painting
shikaru scold
chikara ability; capacity
roku six
iriguchi entrance
anatatachi you-all; you
donata who
anata you
tsure companion
inu dog
kurushimu suffer; feel pain
shumi hobby
raishuu next week
tsumori intention
anna such; like that
doomo somehow
kakitori dictation
nomimono drink; beverage
kashi rekoodo rental records
kin'yoobi Friday
naniya what shop?
iu say; tell
muzukashii difficult; hard
kokonotsu nine things
osoi late; behind time; slow
booru pen ball-point pen
kenkyuu suru do research
kayoo commute
ane (anesan) my older sister
tsugi tsugi to one after another
tsukare fatigue
kyaku (kaykusan) visitor; customer
hashirigaki hurried notes
kagaku henka chemical change
wakai young; youthful
atatakai warm (for things)
hotondo almost; nearly
suru tsumori da intend to do
juuichigatsu November
kodomotachi children
jiyuu ni freely
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