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Unit 1 - Lesson 1

United States and Canada Geography

an imaginary line in the Rockies from where our nation's rivers flow east or west Continental Divide
a deep valley with high, steep sides canyon
a flat or rolling grassland found in the midwestern region of the US prairie
a large urban area formed by several cities megalopolis
a frozen, treeless plain where only grasses and mosses can grow (in the Arctic) tundra
a large mass of ice glacier
a river or stream that flows into a larger river tributary
the exact location expressed by latitude and longitude absolute location
an imaginary line, or parallel, that runs east and west, but measures north and south of the equator latitude
an imaginary line,or meridian, that runs north and south, but measures east and west of the prime meridian longitude
the main line of latitude, labeled 0 degrees, divides earth into northern and southern hemispheres eguator
main line of longitude, labeled 0 degrees, divides earth into eastern and western hemispheres prime meridian
describes the location of a place in relation to another place (Ex. north of the US) relative location
the way a country's people use natural resources and money to produce goods and services economy
a method of supplying land with water through a series of ditches or pipes irrigation
a shortage of goods or services scarcity
electricity made from flowing water hydroelectric power
materials found in nature that can be replaced renewable resources
dry arid
materials found in nature that can't be replaced nonrenewable resources
moisture that falls to the ground in the form of rain, sleet, hail, or snow precipitation
a long period of little of no rainfall drought
mild weather that is neither too hot nor too cold, has changing seasons temperate climate
the gradual increase of the Earth's temperature, threatens our environment global warming
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