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scince unit 3A

study guide

1. To group ideas, information, or objects based on similarities is to ________. classify
Who developed the first system of classification? Aristotle
What two kingdoms did Aristotle divide organisms into? plants and animal
what three smaller groups did Aristotle have under the animal kingdom? air land water
5. What was the problem with Aristotle’s system for the animal kingdom? animals can live in more than 1 catagory
6. Who created a better system of classification based on six characteristics of organisms Linnaeus
7. What were the six characteristics? structures, systems, size, shape, color, andobtaning food
8. What do we call Linnaeus’s system that gave every organism a two-word name? Binomial Nomenclature
9. Where does the binomial nomenclature name come from for each organism? genius and speices of the organism
What is today’s classification system based on (its meaning is evolutionary history)? phylogiey
12. How many kingdoms are used today? 5
13. Name the kingdoms used today. monera-protist-fungi-plant-animal-
14. What are the four characteristics used to place an organism into a kingdom? makes its own foodhave a nucleusmove????
17. What mnemonic device do we use to remember the 6 groups in a kingdom? King Phillp David Came Over For Good Seafood
18. What is a dichotomous key? key aranged in steps w/ descriptive statementsat each step
19. Why are dichotomous keys used? 2 find out the names of various organisms
20. Where are dichotomous keys found field guides scientific
Created by: madiday