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Global Studies P1

the quarter 1 assesment vocabulary

sahara desert has the hottest temps ever recorded. largest desert.
strait of gibralter seperates africa from europe
rub' al khali empty quarter
aral and caspian sea caspian- poaching brought the # of surgion aral- irrigation projects mainly for cotton drained the water in the 2 major rivers that feed the aral sea
aquafers underground rock layers in which water flows
irrigation artificial way to bring water to crops
desalinization removes salt from saltwater to make it able to drink
wadis` a dry riverbed that fills with water when it rains
aluvial plain an aea of fertile soil left by river floods
theocracy a goverment controlled by a religious leaders
pharaoh believed that they were gods and rulers
cuneiform/hierogliphics an early form of writing
hammurabis code of law law to protect people and their belongings
chistianity judaism islam the earliest of all religions
caliphs muslim rulers
ottoman empire lasted untill early 1900s
al-Qaeda was formed by ossama-bin-laden
largest central aisan republic kazakstan
earthquakes in armania tremor of 7.0
economy of israel developing ecconomy
major physical features of iraq tigeris and euphraties
economy of persian gulf countries free education medical and other services
former soviet union countries kazakhstan, kyrgicstan,tajikistan turkmenistan, uzbekistan
Created by: 2015swozacb