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Díoltas an Mhada Rua

le Seán Ó Dálaigh

Ainmhithe Animals
Bás Death
Foréigean violence
Díoltas Revenge
Saint Greed
Mí-ádh misfortune
Éad Jelousy
Greann Humour
Saol na tuaithe Country life
Glic Sly
Díoltasach Vengeful
Móin Turf
Lachan Ducks
Cearc Hen
Géanna Geese
Luath Early
Giorra Hare
Marbh Dead
D'éalaigh sé He escaped
Greamaithe Stuck
sracfhéachaint Glanced
Chnucharaigh sé an mhóin He footed the turf
Clúimh is cleití Feathers and down
Chomh glic le mada rua Sly as the fox
Iascaire ba ea an fear seo This man was a fisherman
Bhí sé cuibheasach tuirseach He was exhausted
D'itheadar araon a leor dhóthain de They ate as much as they could
Bhí smut maith den mhaidin A good portion of the morning
Thit sé as a sheasamh le huafás He dropped to his feet
Created by: dcor90