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Cicero Info

Latin 3

Who was the Cicero's teacher of rhetoric? Apollonius Molo of Rhodes
What was the quaestor? treasurer (first office of the Cursus Honorum)
What was the aedile? officer in charge of public works and games
What was the praetor? judge
What does a propraetor or proconsul do? govern a Roman province
What was the full name of Cicero? Marcus (Praenomen) Tullius (Nomen) Cicero (Cognomen)
What is the full birthdate of Cicero January 3 106 BC
Where was Cicero born? Arpinum
What was Cicero's social class? Equites
What was Cicero's political party? Optimates
Who was the teacher of Cicero that he defended in a court trial? Archais
Who was the actor that Cicero studied in order to learn theatrical effect in his oratory? Roscius
Who was Cicero's first wife? Terentia
Who was Cicero's second wife? Pubilia
Who was Cicero's daughter? Tullia
Who was Cicero's son? Marcus
What was the full date of Cicero's death December 7 43 BC
Where did Cicero die? Formiae
Who was Verres? Corrupt governor of Sicily that Cicero prosecuted because he misused funds
Who was the lawyer Cicero defeated in the trial of Verres? Hortentius (this defeat made Cicero the #1 lawyer of this time)
What is a novus homo? A person who was the first in his family to attain high public office such as the cursus honorum
What was the Manilian Law? law that gave Pompey full control of the navy to defeat Mithridates, king of Pontus
What honorary title was given to Cicero for uncovering the Catilinarian Conspiracy and punishing many of the conspirators? pater patriae
Who was responsible for Cicero's exile and why? Clodius because he attacked him and his family after the Bona Dea scandal - when Clodius became consul, he charged Cicero for executing the Catalinarian conspirators without a fair trial
What happened to Clodius after Cicero's exile? he was killed by Milo (Cicero tried to defend Milo by was unsuccessful)
What are the Phillipics? 14 speeches that Cicero gave to discredit Antony
Who were the members of the Second Triumvirate? Octavian, Antony, and Lepidus
What was the Proscription List? A "hit list" that Cicero was put on because of the Phillipics - led to his death
What happened to the hand and head of Cicero after his death? They were placed on the rostra in the Roman Forum
What type of orations were delivered to a jury of judges? Ad Iudices
What type of orations were delivered to the senators? Ad Patres Conscriptos
What type of orations were delivered to the Roman citizens? Ad Quirites
Where and to whom was the first oration vs. Cataline delivered? Ad Patres Conscriptos at the Temple of Jupiter Stator
Where and to whom was the second oration vs, Cataline delivered? Ad Quirites at the rostra
Where and to whom was the third oration vs. Cataline delivered? Ad Quirites at the rostra
Where and to whom was the fourth oration vs. Cataline delivered? Ad Patres Conscriptos at the Temple of Concord
What essay was about public speaking? De Oratore
What essay was about neighbors? De Finitibus
What essay was about practical behavior? De Officiis (this was dedicated to Cicero's son)
What essay was about old age? De Senectude
Who was Cicero's best friend to whom he wrote many letters while in exile? Atticus
Who was the brother of Cicero that presided at the trial of Archais? Quintus
What was the exordium in a Roman oration? introductory remarks - putting the facts "out"
What was the narratio in a Roman oration? statement of facts
What was the propositio in a Roman oration? what points need to be proved (includes the confirmatio (proof) and refutatio (arguments against))
What was the peroratio in a Roman oration? conclusion - the oration is "through"
Who was Cato? advised the death penalty for the Catilinarian conspirators
Who was Grattius? lawyer who prosecuted Archais
Who was the patron of Archais? Lucullus
Who was known for writing the most accurate account of the Catilinarian Conspiracy? Sallust
Who was the secretary of Cicero that was freed at the end of Cicero's life? Tiro
What was the basilica? law court
What two structures were located on the Capitoline Hill? Temple of Jupiter and arx
What was a Comitium? a meeting place for popular assemblies
What seaport shipped goods west of Italy and was located on the Tiber River? Ostia
What seaport shipped goods east of Italy? Brundisium
What was the carcer? prison
What was the tabularium? where public records were kept
What was the Temple of Saturn? where the state treasury was locatedd
What was the Tullianum dungeon of Rome
What wife/wives did Cicero divorce? Terentia and Pubilia
What was the first office of the Cursus Honorum? quaestor
What was the Curia? the senate house
How many times did Cicero serve as consul of Rome? one
Where did CIcero serve his proconsulship? Cilicia
What criminal charge was Cicero given that led to his exile? he executed some of the Catilinarian conspirators (Roman citizens) without a trial
What was the group of letters written by Cicero to his friends? Ad Familiares
Who was a senator and orator who, along with Cicero, persuaded the senate to enact the death penalty on the Catilinarian conspirators? Cato
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