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Bio-Related Tech

Hydroponic Systems & Plant Requirements

In this system, you can find the nutrient solution in the reservoir, the plant suspended in a tray, and the tray filled with a medium. This system demonstrates capillary action. Wick
In this system, nutrient solution is held in a reservoir, the solution is pumped into growing chamber and drains back into the reservoir. This system is known as: Ebb & Flow
This system has nutrient pumped from the reservoir through thin tubes that release the solution at the base of the plant. This system is known as: Drip
This system allows the nutrient solution to circulate over the plant roots through the use of gravity. Nutrient Film Technique
This system has a main reservoir, plants grow in the lid of the system and roots are submerged in nutrient and oxygen rich solution. Deep Water Culture
This systems roots are suspended is air and nutrient solution is sprayed onto the root.It uses no growing medium and requires a lot of supervision. Aeroponics
What is the purpose of a medium? Support plant roots
What are the basic requirements for plant life? Water, Air, Light, Nutrients, Support
What needs to be monitored consistently to ensure good growing conditions? pH
Aquaponics is... producing plants using nutrients from the byproduct of fish
The acidity of water is known as pH
Fish byproduct has ammonia which can be broken down into nutrients called Nitrites and Nitrates
What is the definition of hydroponics? the growing plants in a water and nutrient solution, without soil.
Why should plants be exposed to cold water? Cold water has more oxygen
What is the ideal temperature of water for plant growth? 55-65 degrees
What are the three main nutrients required for plant growth? Nitrogen (N) Phosphorous (P) Potassium (K)
Plants need between this many hours of light for optimal growth: 14-16 hours
What are the uses of hydroponics? Restore air quality, re-purpose buildings, controlled environment, feed a growing population, grow anywhere
What are the benefits of hydroponics? See note packet.
Created by: cokerl
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