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Gr 4 Science

Gr 4 Science Ch 3.4-3.7 Comprehension Check Questions

Name four important jobs that weeds do. 1. The root systems help prevent soil erosion & break up hard-packed soil. 2. Deep roots bring minerals up near the surface where other plants can use them. 3. Some are useful as medicines, dyes, or foods. 4. Many produce seeds which feed many birds.
WHat are the three main parts of a seed? embryo (or new plant) stored food seed coat (or covering)
Why will you never get cherries from radish seeds? because God designed seeds to produce after their own kind.
Why is the stored food inside the seed important? It must nourish the embryo until it is able to make its own food.
Why are seeds designed to travel away from the parent plant? If they did not, the taller plants would take most of the sunlight, water, and minerals in that spot, and they would not grow into strong, healthy plants
List four things which carry seeds away from the parent plant wind, water, animals, and people
What is unique about the way in which tumbleweed scatters its seeds? As it rolls across the prairies, it scatters its seeds.
What is unique about the way in which jewelweed scatters its seeds? When the seed capsules are slightly touched, they burst open scattering the seeds.
What is unique about the way in which the dandelion scatters its seeds? Each seed has downy hairs which enable it to float in the breeze.
What is unique about the way in which flax scatters its seeds? The seeds are covered with a sticky substance which allows them to hitch a ride on a passing animal.
What does dormant mean? When a seed is alive but not growing.
What things must a seed have in order to germinate? water, oxygen, and the right temperature
What part of the seed dies when the seed germinates? Why? the seed coat. Because its job is finished.
What is the first root which the plant sends out called? primary root
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