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The Cell Processes

What is the gate keeper of the cell cell membrane
What does selectively permeable mean? allows some things to enter/exit and blocks passage of others
The cell membrane is selectively permeable
What is Homeostasis steady state or balance
What uses Homeostasis, and how Cell Membrane, responsible for maintaining the steady state within cells
What are two examples of Passive Transport diffusion and osmosis
What doesn't get used during Passive Transport ATP
Active transport requires ATP
Cells achieve Homeostasis through Passive Transport, and Active Transport
what is duffusion when molecules of a solute move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
What doesn't diffusion need ATP
What is osmosis Diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane
How does water concentrations move in osmosis high to low
In the the cell membrane what passes Water
In the cell membrane, what does not pass Sugar
What is an example of active transport? Sodium and Potassium
What does active transport go against The Concentration Gradient
What is the first of two methods of Active Transport The cell membrane picks up molecules and carries them using energy
What is the second of two methods CALLED of active transport Engulfing or Phagocytosis
How does the second of two methods of active transport work The cell membrane surrounds the particles and entraps it. This process uses energy
What is photosynthesis? the process that plants use to capture light energy from the sun and use it to make their own food.
What do plants need for photosynthesis to occur Carbon Dioxide and Water
How is carbon dioxide let in the plant through little hole in the leaves called stomata
What is the photosynthesis Equation CO₂ + H₂O → C₆H₁₂O₆ + O₂ Sunlight is on the (→)
What is the chemical formula for Water H₂0
What is the chemical formula for glucose C₆H₁₂O₆
What is the chemical formula for oxygen O₂
What is the chemical formula for Carbon Dixoide CO₂
What are the the elements on the left side of the arrow called Reactants (Raw Materials)
What are the elements on the right side of the arrow called The Products
How many stages does photosynthesis occur in? 2
What is the first stage of photosynthesis called Light Dependent Reactions
How does the first stage of photosynthesis work energy from the sun is absorbed by chlorophyll
What is the second stage of photosynthesis called Light Independent Reactions
How does the second stage of photosynthesis work involves the building of sugar
What is glucose? Plants food
What is a fancy name for sugar glucose
Where does photosynthesis occur? in plant cells
Why is photosynthesis important to us humans? We cannot make our own food, so we must get it from plants Plants are the first step in the food chain
What are plants called that make their own food AUTOTROPHS or producers
What is the pigment that absorbs the light energy required for photosynthesis The chlorophyll
Where is chlorophyll located? In the chloroplast
What is all of plants food used for Used by plants to make energy in the mitochondria Can be stored by plants in the vacuoles It can be eaten by a consumer
What is a consumer An Animal
What is another name for consumer Heterotroph
What is cellular respiration When energy is obtained by a breakdown of food molecules
Where does the breakdown of food to releasee energy take place mitochondria
What cells have resperation Plant and animal
What is the respiration formula C₆H₁₂O₆ → CO₂ + ATP (There is no sunlight evolved)
In order for cells to undergo respiration they require what glucose and oxygen
What is sugar broken down into Carbon Dioxide and Water
What is ATP used for cellular activity
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