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le Siobhán Ní Shúilleabháin

telling a lie ag insint bréige
the red book by Mao 'an leabhar dearg san' le Mao
he raises his voice ardaíonn sé a ghuth
She pitied her Bhí trua aici di
he is reluctant bíonn leisce air
sick of the usual routine bréan den ghnáthrud
cleverness clisteacht
conflict coimhlint
like slaves cosúil le sclábhaithe
rude drochbhéasach
black humour dúghreann
January Eanáir
anger fearg
angry feargach
desire fonn
She took part in a survey Ghlac sí páirt i suirbhé
in the form of a conversation I bhfoirm comhrá
despite that in ainneoin sin
surprise ionadh
a married couple lánúin
boredom with life leadrán sa saol
a baby leanbh
mentality and outlook meon agus dearcadh
impatient mífhoighneach
much attention mórán aird
the Chinese na Sínigh
habits nósanna
a newspaper nuachtán
The role of women ról na mban
things rudaí
in China sa tSín
she believes síleann sí
oven sorn
the status of women in society stádas na mban sa tsochaí
sparse style stíl ghonta
survey suirbhé
she intends to tá sé i gceist aici
an offer tairiscint
following the death of the husband Tar éis bháis an fhir chéile
she wants teastaíonn uaithi
She offered her job to her Thairg sí a post di
tinker tincéir
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