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29 - Wenham 22

Verbs in Exercises

I will draw near εγγισω
You hope (plural,imperative) ελπιζετε
He will open ανοιξει
You cleanse (plural, imperative) καθαριζετε
You (pl.) will walk περιπατησετε
You hide (singular, imperative) κρυπτε
He will cry out κραξει
We will carry βαστασομεν
They will prepare έτοιμασουσιν
They are wondering θαυμαζουσιν
They will proclaim κηρυξουσιν
He sits καθιζει
They will hope ελπισουσιν
You proclaim (plural, imperative) κηρυσσετε
You guard (plural, imperative) φυλασσετε
She will sit καθισει
It will cause to stumble σκανδαλισει
He will have mercy ελεησει
I shall have έξω
You buy (plural, imperative) αγοραζετε
You sanctify (plural, imperative) άγιαζετε
He was baptising εβαπτιζεν
He will reveal αποκαλυψει
They will cry out κραξουσιν
He will tempt πειρασει
I will guard φυλαξω
You do (plural, imperative) πρασσετε
You (plural) will glorify δοξασετε
I will test πειρασω
They will wonder θαυμασουσιν
You (sing.) will buy αγορασεις
You (sing.) will carry βαστασεις
I will reveal αποκαλυψω
They practice πρασσουσιν
They will hide κρυψουσιν
Created by: Koine Greek