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Muscles Dr Murray

Notes from Powerpoint slides from class

What attaches skeletal muscles to bones? Tndones
What does insertion mean? More moveable attachments.
What does origin mean? Less movable attachment where insertions is pulled towards.
Contracting muscles cause what? Tension on tendons which move bones at a joint.
What are flexors? Decrease angle of joints.
What are extensors? Increase angle of joints.
What is the prime mover of any skeletal muscle? An agonist muscle.
What are antagonist muscles? Flexors and extensors that act on the same joint to produce opposite actions.
Fibrous connectice tissue from tnedons forms sheaths called ____ that extend around and into skeletal muscles. Epimysium.
Inside the muscle this connective tissue divides muscles into columns called? Fascicles.
The connective tissue around fascicles is called what? Perimysiums.
Muscle fibers are also called _____. Muscle cells
Ensheathed by thin connective tissue layers is called? Endomysium.
Plasma membranes are called? Sarcolemma.
Muscle fibers are similar to other cells except thay are? Multinucleate and striated.
What is the most distinctive feature of sketial musclesare? It is striated.
Each muscle fiber is oacked with? myofibrils.
Myofibrals are packed with? Myofilaments.
Myofilamengts are filled with? Thick and thin filaments
What are sarcomeres? Contractile units of skelital muscles consisting of components between 2 Z discs.
What are M lines? Structural proteins that anchor myosin during contractions/
What is Titin? Elastic protein attaching myosin to Z disc that contributes to the elastic recoil of muscles.
Created by: loflyer52