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science heredity

what is heredity? the passing of traits from parent to offspring
what is reproduction? produce other offspring that are similar to the parents
how many parents are in asexual reproduction? 1 parent
how many parents in sexual reproduction? 2 parents
what are genes? a section of DNA molocules that contains the information to see ones spacific protins also carries traits and is located on chromosomes
how many chrrosomes are in an egg and sperm cell? 23 chromosomes
why dont you look exactily like your parents? because the genes are carried from parents to their offspring on chromosomes and sence you have a combination of both your parents genes you would have a combination of both of them
can identical twins be differint sexes?why? no they cant be differint sexes because identical twins develope from teh same egg ferternal twins do not
how many chromosomes are in the skin cells off your body? 46 chromosomes
girls have an XX chromosome. what do boys have? XY
what did gregor mendel descover? heredity or genetics
what is a dominant allele? an allele is one whose trait always shows up in the organism when the allele is present
a plant for instance that carries both a dominamt allele and recieved allelefor a certen trait is called. a hybrid
if oneallele is masked by the other allele in the pair the masked allele is called. a recieved allele
what is a trait? a charasteristic that an organism can pass on to the offspring through the genes
your body weigth and your skin color are two traits thats are? inherited adn enviorment
what is meant by purbred? the two alleles are the same two dominant two recessive
explain the punett square? a chart that shows all the possible combinations of alleles that can result fom a gentic cross
qhat is a phenotype? an organismes physical appearence or visible traits
what is a genotype? an organisms genetic makeup or allele combinations
what are chromosomes? theory of inheritence
what is DNA? the gentic material that carries information about an organism and is passed fromparents to offspring
when sex cells combine to produce offspring what will each sex cell contribute? 23 of half of the chromosomes
what is a major differince between sexual and asexual contribute? sexual is with 2 parents and asexual si with 1 parent
what is the process when a cell makes an exact copy of its self? mitosis
what is the process when it reduces its numbers to make a sex cell? meosis
in punitt square B represents brown eyes and b represents blue eyes. how many of the four will have brown eyes? 100% or 4 out of 4
where are the human eggs produced? ovaries
where is the sperm produced? testes
list the levels of cell organization. cell_ tissue_organ system_organism
what is the joining of the sperm and egg called? ferdalization