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micro lab 6

lab 6

_____ -must be applied throughout the procedure. aseptic technique
____- collectin specimen in relation to pt symp may be vital to the recovery from the organism. The acute phase coincides with the log phase of growth for bac. collected will increase the chances of recovery and identify of the etiologic agent of disease. timing
____ make certain the specimen is representative of the infectious process. If pneumonia is suspected, sputum, not saliva, must be collected. Pus from an abscess or wound should be collected from the depth not the surface of the lesion type of specimen
___ each lab has guidelines as to the amount required for a given test familiarize yourself with these guidelines mount of material
___ outside of container is clean and uncontaminated. if is it needs to be wiped down carefully with an effective germicide. so it will not be a source of infection for others. lab slip must be complete after collection
___ arrange for immediate transport of the specimen to the lab. many pathogenic organisms are delicate and incapable of adjusting to environmental conditions outside the body. prompt delivery
___ microbes patho to human grow best at body temp. colder temp slow micro metabolism and can be used to maintain cultures until lab processes them. temp
___ drying is harmful to organisms. swab must be moistened to prevent drying. culturettes are used to protect organisms from drying. desiccation
____ researches have developed specialized transport designed to maintain the kinds and numbers of organisms that originally inhabited the specimen. transport media
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