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Legal Office a-z

Agenda a list of issues to be discussed at a meeting
Affidavit a document stating facts which a person swears to be true
Barrister the lawyer argues cases in court
Solicitor alawyer practises in all other areas of law
Bill of costs a court document itemizing a lawyer’s fees and disbursements for a party who won judgement and costs.
Case law a law based on judicial precedent rather than on legislation; also, common law.
Commissioner a person authorized by law to place people under oath
Default Judgement a judgement the court gives in favour a plaintiff when the defendant fails to defend the action.
Docket a form on which lawyers record the time spent on behalf of a client.
Equity a concept of justice and fairness applied to a case where the application of strict rules of common would be unjust.
Executor a male person named in a will to represent the estate of a deceased person; executrix is the feminine gender of executor.
Factum a court document setting out the main facts and the statute and case law which support the case at hand
Financial Statement in family law, a court document showing the value of a spouse’s property and debts.
Garnishment a procedure by which money owing by another person is applied to payment of the first person’s debt to a third person.
General Account the bank account of a law firm in which it keeps its own money.
Hearing the trial in applications and motions; also used to mean trial.
Heir/Heir at Law a blood relative entitled to inherit under an intestate estate.
Interlocutory Order a court order, usually sought by way of a motion, that decides on a problem within a proceeding, but not on the entire proceeding.
Intestate a person who passes on having left no will.
Joint Custody an order giving custody to both parents; usually, this gives both parents input into decisions concerning the health, education, and welfare of the children, but the children may ordinarily reside with one parent.
Jurisprudence judicial decisions.
King’s Bench originally, the common criminal court of the common law; later, the general superior court.
Knowingly acting voluntarily and intentionally and not because of mistake or accident.
Limited Liability in corporate law, the fact that a share holder is not liable for the debts of the corporation; his or her obligations are limited to the amount paid for the shares.
Liquated Damages a claim for monetary compensation for a debt owing, the amount of which can be clearly calculated, as in a loan.
Memorandum Different types of written documents
Notary Public A person empowered to authenticate documents and place people under oath
Official Guardian An officer of the provincial government who protects the interests of children involved in legal proceedings
Power of Attorney A document authorizing one person to act for another as agent in a specific matter or in general
Quasi-Criminal Offence An offence of which resembles a crime
Retainer A document a client signs to indicate the terms of hiring of a lawyer to act on his or her behalf in some legal matter
Subpoena/ Summons to Witness A document requiring a person to attend and give testimony in court
Tickler System An online system reminding of due dates
Unliquidated Damages Estimated damages that require the court to determine, Damages that cannot be calculated using a fixed formula
Verification of Identity A process/checklist by which lawyers must verify the identity of their clients
Without Prejudice A letter or document that cannot be used as evidence in court
Examination for Discovery In litigation, an oral questioning of the opposing party
Young Offender A minor, under 18, who commits a crime
Zoning A municipalities regulating of areas for certain purposes, Areas of land are divided into zones for specific purposes
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