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Food Additive

Ingredients Component parts of food products that are generally recognized as safe.
Food Additive Substance added to a food to cause a desired positive change in the product's characteristics.
Intentional food additives Added to food on purpose, to give foods specific characteristics or resistance to spoilage.
Incidental food additives Gets into food unintentionally.
Margin of safety The zone between the concentration in which an additive is normally used and level at which a hazard exits.
GRAS list List of all food items recognized as safe.
Controlled-use substances Food additive that does not appear on the GRAS list and must be used within set guidelines.
Delaney Clause Legal document that bars the approval of any food additive found to cause cancer in humans or animals.
Preservatives Substances added to food to prevent or slow spoilage and maintain natural colors and flavors
Antimicrobial agents Preservatives that prevent growth of microbes in food.
Sulfites Antioxidant salt containing sulfur.
Esters Organic compound combined with an alcohol to produce a synthetic flavor.
Anticaking agents Agents that absorb moisture.
Humectants Additives used to help products retain moisture.
Maturing and bleaching agents Chemicals that spend the aging process and whiten flour.
Ph control agent An additive that alters or stabilizes the pH of a mixture.
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