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Casteel Light 2


energy Light is a form of ________________.
transverse Light travels in _____________ waves.
moon The ___________ does not emit light waves.
Light waves Light waves can be absorbed.
trough The low point of a wave is the _______________.
crest The high point is the _______________.
space Light waves can move through ________ unlike sound waves.
straight Light travels in ________________ lines.
Visible ____________ light is light the human eye can see.
color Although light waves are very small, human eyes can tell them apart. Therefore, humans can see __________________.
ROY G BIV Least refracted to most refracted and longest to shortest wavelength
prism When white light shines through a ____________, it is refracted.
black When a material absorbs all visible light and no light is reflected back, then __________ is seen.
white When all colors of the visible spectrum are combined, ___________ light is produced.
transparent light can pass through easily Examples: clear glass, glasses lens, windshield, magnifying glass
translucent an object that allows some, but not all light to pass through Examples: sunglass lenses, wax paper, frosted glass, stained glass windows, shower door, lampshade, thin curtains, tissue paper
opaque does not allow light to pass through at all
reflected When light waves hit an object such as a smooth glass mirror, they will be ____________________.
concave lens curved inward
convex lens curved outward
reflecting Light bouncing off an object is called ________________.
refracts When light passes through water, it ________________.
separate Prisms are used to _____________ white light into the color spectrum.
rainbow When light waves from the sun are bent by tiny drops of water in the air, a ______________ is visible.
bent Refraction means __________ light.
Refraction _________________ allows water to magnify objects, so it causes objects to appear closer than they are.
speeds Refraction occurs when light travels at different ______________ from one object to another.
Created by: lkcasteel