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Latin Alive Ch. 2-6

Review vocabulary from chapters 2-6 of Latin Alive!

amica, amicae, f. friend (female friend)
ancilla, ancillae, f. maid-servant
cena, cenae, f. dinner
culina, culinae, f. kitchen
fabula, fabulae, f. story
filia, filiae, f. daughter
pupa, pupae, f. doll
rosa, rosae, f. rose
stella, stellae, f. star
aedifico I build
aedificas you build
aedificat he/she/it builds
aedificamus we build
aedificatis y'all build
aedificant They build
specto I am looking at
spectas You are looking at
Spectat He/she/it is looking at
Spectamus We are looking at
Spectatis Y'all are looking at
Spectant They are looking at
agricola, agricolae, m. farmer
femina, feminae, f. woman
Graecia, Graeciae, f. Greece
incola, incolae, m. settler
insula, insulae, f. island
nauta, nautae, m. sailor
patria, patriae, f. fatherland, country
poeta, poetae, m. poet
puella, puellae, f. girl
regina, reginae, f. queen
terra, terrae, f. earth, land
Troia, Troiae, f. Troy
Ambulo I walk
ambulas you walk
ambulat he/she/it walks
ambulamus we walk
ambulatis y'all walk
ambulant They walk
aro I plow
aramus we plow
arant they plow
habitas you live
habitatis y'all live
porto I carry
portant they carry
rogas you ask
rogat he/she/it asks
rogare to ask
habitare to live
ambulare to walk
regno I rule!
regnamus we rule
vocas you call
Vocatis y'all call
Habitare to live
et and
aut or
non not
arare to plow
portare to carry
rogare to ask
cuius est numeri? What number is it?
Singulariter est. It is singular.
Pluraliter est. It is plural.
Cuius est personae? What person is it?
Est primae personae. It is first person.
Est secundae personae. It is second person.
Est tertiae personae. It is third person.
Sic est Yes
Minime No
amo I love
amare to love
amamus we love
amatis y'all love
canto I sing
cantabat he/she/it was singing
cantatis y'all sing
cantare to sing
laborare to work
laborant they work
laboro I work
laborabimus we will work
laborabunt they will work
laborabam I was working
laborabas you were working
Navigare to sail
navigo I sail
navigat he/she/it sails
nagivabamus we were sailing
navigabunt they will sail
Oppugnare to attack
oppugno I attack
oppugnasne? Do you attack?
Oppugnabimus We will attack
Oppugnabat He/she/it was attacking.
What three characteristics do all Latin nouns have? Case, number, and gender.
Generally, what gender is the 1st declension? Feminine.
What are the four most common masculine exceptions to the 1st declension? Poeta, agricola, incola, nauta
The Imperfect chant starts with... bam, bas, bat, bamus, batis, bant
The Future chant starts with... bo, bis, bit, bimus, bitis, bunt
The Present tense chant is... o, s, t, mus, tis, nt
The First declension noun chant is... a, ae, ae, am, a, ae, arum, is, as, is
Our class pets are... Llama the llama and Ferdinand the bull
ager, agri, m. field
amicus, amici, m. friend (male)
auxilium, auxilii, n. aid, help
bellum, belli, n. war
donum, doni, n. gift
equus, equi, m. horse
germanus, germani, m. brother
humus, humi, f. ground
liberi, liberorum, pl. m. children
oppidum, oppidi, n. town
puer, pueri, m. boy
socius, socii, m. ally
vir, viri, m. man
do, dare, dedi, datum to give
monstro, monstrare, monstravi, monstratum to show
narro, narravi, narravi, narratum to tell
pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatum to fight
servo, servare, servavi, servatum to take care of, to guard, to protect, to serve
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