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Human Interaction


Biodiveristy the variety of life in the words or in a particular habitat or ecosystem
Clean Air Act of 1972 regulates the dumping of pollutants into the nations water supply
Conservation to protect resources and avoid wasteful and destructive use
Conservation Strategies things humans can do to preserve ecosystems & environments
DDT chemical used to get rid of harmful insects
Deforestation the action of clearing a wide area of trees
Dust Bowl the action of clearing a wide area of trees
Environment the space conditions & all the living and nonliving things around an organism
Invasive Species any kind of living organism that isn't native to an ecosystem and harms the environment
Landfills a place to dispose or refuse & other waste material by burying it & covering it over with soil, especially as a method of filling in or extending usable land
Natural Disasters catastrophe caused by natural forces - not man made forces
Population catastrophe caused by natural forces - not man made forces
Recycle to properly dispose of used resources so they can be reprocessed into new products
Resource something valuable that we can use
Sustainability the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level
Vegetation plants considered collectively, especially those found in a particular area or habitat
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