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Test 3

Flash Cards for Spiral Back Test 3

What is needed for photosynthesis? Sunlight, water, carbon dioxide
What causes bubbles to be produced by yeast when placed in a sugar solution? Respiration
Cellulose and glycogen are examples of which organic compound? Carbohydrate
What are the nitrogen bases for RNA? A U C G
What are the two main stages of cell division? Cytokinesis and mitosis
If a cell undergoes mitosis, but not cytokinesis, what would be the resul? The wouldn’t divide and would have 2 nuclei
What is the genetic information before the beginning of mitosis? Chromatin
What is cytokinesis? The division of the cytoplasm causing the cell to divide
What is mitosis? The reproduction/formation of new cells
Which properly traces the movement of chromosome during mitosis? Sister chromatids line up in the center of the cell, then separate to opposite ends of the cell
Where are enzymes assembled at? The ribosomes
What types of cells can differentiate into a variety of cells Stem cells
What does it mean to import substances into a cell? To move the substances across the cell membrane
What do animal cells form during cytokinesis? Cleavage furrow
If animal cells undergo mitosis at a very high rate, what are developing? Cancerous tumors
What is the result of mitosis? Two diploid daughter cells
What is developed during cytokinesis in plant cells? Plasma membrane divides, cell wall is formed
Which organelle is found both in prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Ribosomes
Created by: melanielocklear