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P6CL Ch5


lóng - dragon
打抱不平 dǎ bào bù píng - to stand up for the victim
农田 nóngtián - farmland
干裂 gān liè - crack
残忍 cán rěn - cruel
心肠 xīn cháng - heart
丝毫 sī háo - slightest
不为所动 bù wéi suô dòng - to remain unmoved
乌云滚滚 wū yún gǔn gǔn - dark clouds rolling
欢天喜地 huān tiān xǐ dì - overjoyed
奔走相告 bēn zǒu xiāng gào - run around spreading news
允许 yǔn xǔ - allow, permit
犯罪 fàn zuì - commit a crime
严厉 yán lì - stern, severe
处罚 chǔ fá - to punish
pàn - to sentence
坐牢 zuò láo - to be in jail
淹没 yān mò - drown / to submerge
阻拦 zǔ lán - to stop and block
汪洋 wāng yáng - boundless seas
沿着 yán zhe - to go along, to follow
遵照 zūn zhào - obey
千辛万苦 qiān xīn wàn kǔ - suffer hardship
剩下 shèng xià - remaining
fú - to lay
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