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Culture Test

Human Geography

What religion do most Scandinavians belong to? Lutheran
How many languages are spoken in the world today? 6400
What language is known as the lingua franca of Eastern Africa? Swahili
What is the world's fastest growing religion? Islam
Where is the hearth of the 3 monotheistic world religions? Middle East
In which country is Taoism mainly practiced? China
What language family has the most speakers? Indo-European
What is the official religion of China? There is no official religion
What religion is the majority of people in India? Hindu
A Torii Gate would be part of which religion? Buddhism
When do Russians celebrate Epiphany Day? January 7
Where is the hearth of country music? Nashville
The Conquest theory on how language spread says the hearth of language was where? Ukraine
What country has baseball as its most popular sport but is also the home to Sumo? Japan
Which city is the tourist capital of the world and the home of the Eiffel Tower? Paris
What South American city has the statue "Christ the Redeemer"? Rio de Janeiro
What is the only country in the world that is majority Jewish? Israel
What percent of the world speaks an Indo-European language? 40%
What is the main religion of the Phillipines? Catholicism
What is the Arabic word for god? Allah
What is Islam's holiest city which only Muslim may enter? Mecca
The world's most widespread religion is Christianity
What games are included in the "Three Games of Men" in Mongolia? wrestling, archery, and horse racing
Hinduism is evolved in what is today the country of India
What is the international language of business? English
Where in the US does Roman Catholicism dominate? Pacific Northwest
What is a regional variance of a standard language? dialect
Mandarin is in what language family? Sino-Tibetan
What is the name of the land bridge hypothesis for people and language crossing over from Asia? Bering
What group is the largest minority in the US? Hispanic American
What artificial language was developed to bring cultures together that was based on Latin and other European languages? Esperanto
What Canadian providence speaks French and has come a few thousand votes from seceding? Quebec
Buddha's name means what? enlightened one
The indifference to or rejection of organized religion is known as what? Agnostic
The systematic study of place-names is known as what? toponymy
What is it called when religion and state are combined? theocracy
Which distinctive cultural region in the US has its own food, music, and language along the border with Mexico? Tejano
The 2 primary Eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism each have their hearths located where? Northern India
Which country would you most likely see a pagoda? Thailand
What country may divide someday over language? Belgium
What city in the world has the most Jews? New York City
Which is the oldest religion? Hinduism
Half of the Buddhists in the United States live in which state? California
Christianity based on salvation through Jesus Christ
Confucianism based on the teachings of Confucius
Sikhism a blend of Hindu and Muslim teachings
Islam worship one god, named Allah, Muhammad is a prophet
Shinto worship nature, spirits, and ancestors
Buddhism seek enlightenment through meditation and 4 noble truths
Where in the United States do most Lutherans live? Minnesota and Wisconsin
Where in the United States do most Mormons live? Utah and Idaho
Where in the United States do most Methodists live? Kansas and Indiana
Where in the United States do most Baptists live? Alabama and South Carolina
Where in the United States do most Roman Catholics live? Massachusetts and Arizona
What is the main language in Saudi Arabia? Arabic
Which river is holy to Hindus? Ganges
The hearth of Christianity is in Isreal
People in London, Melbourne, Vancouver, and Mumbai all speak pidgin language
A simple trade language is called a lingua franca
What language is spoken by most Chinese? Mandarin
Acculturation is a common cause of language extinction
The largest number of adherents to the Christian faith are found in North America
Which South American country has the largest area of Traditional and Shamanist religions? Uruguay
In Africa Muslims dominate in the North
All evangelical religions are also polytheistic religions
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