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What is the test for the presence of fats? Paper bag test
What do amino acids combine to make? Protein
What organic compound contains adenine? Nucleic Acid
What is neutral on the pH scale? 7
If all of the carbon dioxide is removed from Earth, what will happen? Photosynthesis will stop
What happens that causes muscle aches and pain after strenuous exercise happens? A buildup of lactic acid due to anaerobic respiration
How do cells release energy stored in ATP? The breaking of a phosphate bond
How are photosynthesis and respiration related? The glucose and oxygen produced in photosynthesis are used as reactants in aerobic cellular respiration
What cells are mitchondria mostly in? Muscle cells
What is the purpose of inner folds in the mitochondria? Increase surface area for absorption of oxygen
What are the pores/openings on the bottom of the leaf called? Stomata
What are thylakoids? Small disk-like compartments in chloroplast composed of membranes that are the sites of sunlight-dependent photosynthesis
What organelle is found in prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Ribosome
What is stroma? The inner liquid portion of the chloroplast that surrounds the thylakoids
What produces ATP during aerobic cellular respiration? Mitchondrion
Why should toxins be removed from cells? To maintain homeostasis
What is active transport? To move against the concentration gradient
What type of respiration do plants undergo? Aerobic respiration
What does aerobic respiration require? Oxygen
What type of respiration does not require oxygen? Anaerobic respiration
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