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Basic Chinese words

Developing Chinese 2nd ed. New Word ch. 1-6, + ch.7 text one, pinyin

hundred bai3
unit of money (informal) kuai4
(measure word; certain machines) tai2
thousand qian1
alltogether, in all yi1gong4
need xu1yao4
attendant, shop assistant ying2ye4yuan2
want, need yao4
bread mian4bao1
sort, kind of, viarity zhong3
this zhe4
thank, be grateful xie4xie
you're welcome bu2ke4qi
polite, courteous ke4qi
banana xiang1jiao1
small restaurant fan4guan3
also, still, even more hai2
go, leave, depart qu4
where nar3
(unit of weight, half kilo) jin1
apple ping2guo3
once more, again, one more time zai4
(fractional money, 0.1 yuan) mao2
classroom building jiao4xue2lou2
teaching jiao4xue2
storeyed building lou2
here zher4
library tu2shu1guan3
side bian1
(location of thing or person) zai4
north bei3bian
west xi1bian
south nan2bian
east dong1bian
sports ground, sports venue yun4dong1chang3
gym ti3yu4guan
you (singular) ni3
good, fine hao3
you(polite singular) nin3
zero ling2
one yi1
two er4
three san1
four si4
five wu3
six liu4
seven qi1
eight ba1
nine jiu3
ten shi2
early morning zao3shang
be shi4
which, what na3
very, very much hen3
glad, happy gao1xing4
also, too, as well ye3
teacher lao3shi1
honorable surname gui4xing4
student studying abroad liu2xue2sheng1
learn, study xue2xi2
they, them ta1men
(end of interrogative question) ma
no, not bu4
France Fa3gou2
Thailand Tai4gou2
China Zong1gou2
Chinese(language) Han4yu3
English(language) Ying1yu3
lawyer, attorney lü4shi1
doctor, medical practitioner yi1sheng1
you (plural) ni3men
class, group, team ban1
how many, how much duo1shao
(measure word; everything) ge4
student xue2sheng
we, us wo3men
two (special case) liang3
want to, would like to, be going to xiang3
buy, purchase mai3
electronic dictionary dian4zi3ci2dian3
electronic dian4zi3
dictionary ci2dian3
computer dian4nao3
(measure word; books, machines, vehicles) bu4
county, state, nation guo2
people, human being ren2
(end of interrogative sentence, relating to the last interrogative sentence) ne
me, I wo3
he, him ta1
she, her ta1
excuse me, may i ask qing3wen4
please qing3
ask wen4
to shout, to call, surname jiao4
what shen2me
(name of a person or thing) ming2zi
be surnamed xing4
know, recognize ren4shi
French (language) Fa3yu3
who, hom shei2
fellow student, schoolmate tong2xue2
family, home jia1
have, posses, there be you3
(measure word; humans) kou3
father, dad ba4ba
mother, mom ma1ma
elder brother ge1ge
and he2
elder sister jie3jie
younger sister mei4mei
younger brother di4di
office worker, staff member zhi2yuan2
all, both dou1
collage/university student da4xue2sheng1
how many (<10) ji3
do, engage in zuo4
job, work, task gong1zuo4
supermarket chao1shi4
(used to form plural) men
together yi4qi3
attend class, have class shang4ke4
speak, say, talk shuo1
Created by: hannesb
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