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Chapter 5 vocab

Amnesty any act of forgiveness or absolution
Autonomy self-government
Axiomatic expressing a universally accepted principle
Blazon to adorn or embellish
Caveat a warning to prevent misunderstanding
Equitable embodying principles of justice
Extricate to free from entanglements or difficulties
Flich to steal in a sneaky way and in petty amounts
Flout to mock with contempt
Fractious tending to be troublesome
Precept a rule of conduct or action
Salutary helpful
Scathing causing great harm
Scourge a cause of affliction or suffering
Sepulchral extremely gloomy or dismal
Soporific tending to cause sleep
Straitlaced extremely strict in regard to moral standards and conduct
Transient lasting only a short time
Unwieldly not easily carried because of size or complexity
Vapid lacking in sharpness
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