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The Greeks

Practice quiz over Prometheus, Odysseus, and Arachne

Prometheus's belief that man should have fire is best described by what quote? "Would not fire, and the graces he can put on with fire, make him more interesting?"
How would Zeus describe man's life without knowledge of fire? Man is happier without knowledge of fire
Zeus's stance on the humans having fire is best summed up by what quote? "What you call ignorance is innocence."
The line that best describes the danger that Zeus sees in man becoming too proud is? "He will grow big and poisoned with pride and fancy himself a god, and before we know it, we shall see him storming Olympus."
What does the line "it bit sharply when you touched it" mean in regards to describing fire? The gift would burn people who touched it.
Why does Prometheus use personification when describing fire to man? Prometheus wants to make it easier for man to understand fire by comparing fire's qualities to a person.
Imagine that the myth of Prometheus was given a new title that would reflect the central idea of the story. What might that title be? The gift of knowledge cones with a price
In paragraph 15, Zeus considers destroying the humans with fire, but decides instead to "let them destroy themselves.with their new skills." The reader can infer that Zeus thinks the following. humans will use their new tools to go to war.
Which sentence BEST implies that the Cyclops is going to be kinder to Odysseus and his men? "Give me more, Please, and tell me your name, here and now-I would like to make you a gift that will please you." The use of the word please listed twice lets us infer politeness.
A description that allows the reader to infer that the Cyclops is dangerous... The Cyclops is described as "cruel" and he threatens to eat Odysseus after eating all of his men.
What does the line, "drained the bowl of dregs" mean? The Cyclops drank the entire bowlful of wine
What did Odysseus expect to happen after he gave the Cyclops a false name? Odysseus expected the Cyclops to call out for help after he was blinded and when the other Cyclopes heard that nobody blinded the Cyclops they would take it literally
How would Odysseus describe the Cyclops? Vicious and overly confident
Odysseus showed that the Cyclops was vicious by using the words... "cruel heart"
Odysseus showed that the Cyclops was overly confident by the quote... "What a fool he must have thought me!"
Odysseus shows that he is proud of his cleverness, which prevented the Cyclops from getting help in the lines... "And off they went, while I laughed to myself at the way in which my cunning notion of a false name had taken them in."
Although the Cyclops is ___________ than Odysseus, Odysseus is _____________ than the Cyclops. stronger/more clever
Greek mythology often includes similar settings and types of characters. The setting and characters in both Prometheus and Odysseus include what? Ancient Greece/ humans and non-humans aka. gods
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