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Irish Region

The West Tertiary Activities

Transport Underdevleoped.
Due to relief. Region is mountainous eg. 12 Pens. and has many lakes eg. Lough Erne
Because of natural barriers, roads are long and winding, adding to fuel and driver fees.
Steep ground has prevented development of rail networks. No direct rail from Sligo to Dundalk.
Main ports are located in Sligo and Galway but they are shallow and cannot take large container ships.
Human Factors, low population density 25perkm2 , means no profit can be made from public transport
Only 4% of the population use public transport to get to work compared to 11% nationally
Tourism Mountains, lakes and valleys, scenic, attracting 1000's of tourists interesting in walking etc. eg. Glencar, co. Sligo
Several marked walking routes eg. Bangor Trial co. Mayo. Croagh Patrick attracts 25000 walkers a year
Beaches and golf links, Bundoran, Co. Donegal is popular for surfing holidays
However, tourism industry is seasonal, many facilities close in winter
Lack of access to the region hinders tourism in the region., Most tourists fly to Dublin on the east. It is expansive to hire a car so they may be discouraged by long distances.
Only about 1.6m of the 11m tourists visit the West region
Promotion of tourism. Tourism Ireland has improved access with a new air routr from Toronto to Shannon. It is developing walking routes, attractions and tourist information centres.
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