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Tourism in the West

Tourism in the West of Ireland

Examine the development of tourism in the West of Ireland. Physical and Human factors influencing development of tourism in the West are Cultural Attractions and Religious Pilgrimages,.
Explain the west in relation to Cultural context. West is home to largest Gaeltacht in the country. Each Summer 20000 students attend Irish college. Irish activities take place, eg: Céilís and storytelling. -Céide Fields, co.mayo best preserved stone age settlements in the world. Over 5,000 years old.
How have the physical processes impacted on the development of transport links in Western Region? The road network system has helped the development of transport, making easy access. Eg: Galway was chosen as a gateway for development, became the focus of transport development. -modernization of transport is seen as vital connecting Galway to Dublin.
Explain another mode of transport which has aided the development of transport. Air has aided the transport system as, IWA at Knock, Co.Mayo, only international airport in the region. Provides access to business and tourist markets in UK and Eu cities. -1 million passengers annually. -Employs 1000 people.
Why does traffic congestion occur in Galway City? Traffic congestion occurs due to the centralised population has caused traffic congestion.- Many parts of day, as delays in travelling to and from work. - Roundabouts leads to city were replaced by traffic lights and modernised traffic lanes.
What facilities are proposed with the redevelopment of the port in Galway? West lacks major cargo or passenger ports. Galway has the only port capable of dealing with cargo, too outdated. - Does not cater for international passenger services.
Name the proposals to develop the Port in Galway. Coal yards, waste export and promenade.
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