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most common Korean verbs

가다 to go
가르치다 to teach
가리키다 to point, to indicate
가져가다 to take, to carry
가져오다 to bring; to cause
가지다 to have, to possess
갈아입다 to change (one’s clothes)
갈아타다 to change/transfer to (car, metro, train etc.)
감다 (1) to close (one’s eyes)
감다 (2) to wind up, to coil
감사하다 to appreciate, to thank
감추다 to hide, to disguise
강조하다 to emphasize
갖추다 to prepare, to be equipped (with)
개발하다 to develop, to create
거두다 to collect; to achieve
거짓말하다 to lie, to tell a lie
걱정하다 to worry (about)
건너다 to cross (over)
걷다 to walk
걸다 to hang; to call
걸리다 to hang, to be hung; to catch (a cold) to take (time)
걸어가다 to go on foot, to walk
걸어오다 to come on foot
겪다 to experience, to undergo
견디다 to endure, to bear, to stand
결심하다 to resolve
결정되다 to be decided
결정하다 to decide
결혼하다 to marry
경험하다 to experience
계산하다 to calculate; to pay
계속되다 to continue; to be continued
계속하다 to continue, to keep (on)
계시다 to be, to stay (honorific of 있다)
고려하다 to consider
고르다 to choose, to select
고생하다 to have a hard time, to suffer
고치다 to repair, to fix; to revise/edit
공부하다 to study
관련되다 to be related (to)
관찰하다 to observe, to watch
관하다 concerning, regarding
구경하다 to see the sights, to look around
구성되다 to be composed, to be formed
구하다 (1) to seek; to get (2) to rescue, to save
굽다 to roast, to grill; to bake
그러다 to do that, to do this
그리다 to draw, to paint
그만두다 to stop, to drop, to quit
그치다 to stop, to cease
근무하다 to work
기다리다 to wait
기대하다 to expect, to anticipate
기록하다 to record, to write
기르다 to raise, to grow; to develop
기뻐하다 to rejoice, to be happy
기억나다 to remember, to come to mind
기억하다 to remember, to recall
기울이다 to lean; to pay (attention)
깎다 (1) to peel, to cut; to cut down, to discount (2) to bargain
깨다 (1) to wake (up); to sober up (2) to break, to smash
깨닫다 to realize, to become aware
꺼내다 to pull, to take out
꾸미다 to decorate; to invent, to fabricate
꿈꾸다 to dream (of)
끄다 to put out; to switch off
끊다 to cut; to stop; to hang up
끊어지다 to get cut; to be disconnected
끌다 to pull, to draw; to drag, to prolong
끓다 to boil
끝나다 to end, to be over
끝내다 to finish, to put an end to
나가다 to go out; to attend; to leave, to quit
나누다 to divide, to split; to share
나다 to grow, to sprout; to happen, to occur
나빠지다 to become worse
나서다 to come/step forward
나오다 to come out, to turn up; to finish; to quit
나타나다 to appear
나타내다 to show, to express
날다 to fly
날아가다 to fly away, to fly off; to be gone
남기다 to leave (behind)
남다 to remain, to be left
낳다 to give birth to; to produce
내놓다 to put out, to take out
내다 to give, to put; to hand in; to pay
내려가다 to go down
내려오다 to come down
내리다 to fall; to get off; to lower
내밀다 to stick out, to stretch out
넘기다 to pass, to pass over, to turn (over)
넘다 to cross, to pass
넘어가다 to cross; to move on
넘어서다 to cross, to pass
넘치다 to overflow, to brim over
넣다 to put (something in)
노래하다 to sing a song
노력하다 to endeavor, to strive
놀다 to play, to hang out with
놀라다 to be surprised
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