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Geography - Chap. 8


cordillera parallel chains or ranges of mountains
altiplano Spanish for "high plain," a region in Peru and Bolivia encircled by the Andes peaks
escarpment steep cliff or slope between a higher and lower land surface
llano fertile plains in inland areas of Colombia and Venezuela
pampas grassy, treeless plains of southern South America
gaucho the cowhands of Argentina and Uruguay
hydroelectric power electrical energy generated by falling water
estuary an area where the tide meets a river current
canopy top layer of a rain forest, where the tops of tall trees form a continuous layer of leaves
tierra caliente Spanish term for "hot land"; the lowest altitude zone of Latin American highlands climates
tierra templada Spanish term for "temperate land"; the middle altitude zone of Latin American highland climates
tierra fria Spanish term for "cold land"; the highest altitude zone of Latin American highland climates
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