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Unit Exam Review

If an object is repelled by a negativly charged object, the object has/is Negative Charge
Describe an atom Electrons orbit around the protons and neutrons
As Emile touches a Van de Graaf, his hair began to stand on end and spread out. This was most likely due to His hair strands being repelled by each other
Emile reaches out to touch Leslie and both students feel aa sudden painful shock. This is most likly due to A static discharge from Emile to Leslie
The amount of current flowing through a circuit is measured in Ahmps
What type of meter measures only potential difference? Voltometer
If each cell is 1.5 volts, than four cells equals 6 volts
When a fuse burns out in your home it means To much current is flowing through the circuit
Christmas trees are wired so that if one bulb "dies", the other bulbs will remain lit. These lightbulbs are connected in _______ Parallel
What makes up an electromagnet? Iron core, such as an iron nail, coil of wire, and battery
What makes up an electrochemical cell? Electrodes; one anode, one cathode; electrolyte
Electrode Definition Metals -Two different -Anode; negative -Cathode-positive
Electrolyte Definition Liquid or paste -Salt or acid
What is the unput and output energy conversions for a battery? Input-Chemical energy Output- Electrical energy
What is the unput and output energy conversions for a Generator? Input- Mechanical energy Output- Electrical energy
What is the unput and output energy conversions for a Motor? Input- Electrical energy Output- Mechanical energy
What is the unput and output energy conversions for a Thermocouple? Input- Thermal energy Output- Electrical energy
What is the unput and output energy conversions for a Lightbulb? Input- Electrical energy Output- Light energy
Insulators- definition and examples Does not allow electrons to flow on them ex) Rubber, glass
Conductors- definition and examples Allows electrons to flow on them ex) metal
Current is... The amount of electrons flowing
Voltage is... The pressure the electrons are under
Resistance is... The slowing of electrons in a circuit
Using Ohms law, calculate how much current is created when 210V creates a current through a 150ohm registor (R=V/I) I=1.4A
What type of filament in a lightbulb would offer the most resistance? Long, thin wire
An electric motor has a resistance of 185ohms. It is connected to a power source that has a voltage of 120V. What is the current? (R=V/I) I=0.65A
An electric appliance draws 1200W of power. Electricity costs 9 cents per kWh. How much does it cost to operate the appliance 4 hours a day for 50 days? $21.60
A light bulb draws 1.5A of current from a 110V generator. How much energy does the generator produce? (P=I/V) 165W
What is a variable resistor? Can control (vary) the resistance ex) dimmer switch
What is a circuit breaker? Saftey device that will open the circuit (break metal-to-metal contact) and turn off the electricity if there are too many volts or amps flowing into a house
Name the brightest and dimmest: 1 battery, 4 lights in series; 1 battery, 5 lights in parallel: 1 battery, 3 lights in series Brightest: 1 battery, 5 lights in parallel Dimmest: 1 battery, 4 lights in series
A lightbulb is only 4% efficient in producing light. If 800J of input energy went into producing light, what is the output energy the bulb is capable of? Efficiency=output/input x 100 Output= Input x Efficiency 32J
Coal fired energy Burning fossil fuels for energy -produces toxic fumes
Hydroelectric Using water currents to create electricity -disturbs natural water
Nuclear Splitting or combining atoms releasing bursts of energy -radioactive
Solar Uses suns energy to produce electricity -cannot collect on cloudy days
Geothermal Using heated steam from deep in the earth to produce electricity
Input= 71J Output= 11J Efficiency=? (Efficiency= output/input x 100) Efficiency = 15.5%
Input= 100J Output= 34J (Efficiency= output/input x 100) Efficiency = 34%
Created by: faith_w.
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