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M & F: Unit 14

Moreland and Fleischer; all the vocab from Unit 14

accido , -ere, accidi, --; fall upon; happen, occur
adeo (adv) so, so much, so far
advenio -ire, -veni, -ventus; come to, arrive
animus -i, M; mind, rational spirit, soul
auctoritas -tatis, F; authority
aut (conj) or
aut...aut either...or
Carthago -inis, F; Carthage
colloquor -loqui, locutus sum; speak, talk
dignus, -a, -um worthy, deserving, suitable (+abl)
indignus -a, -um; unworthy, unsuitable (+abl)
dolor doloris, M; pain, grief, sorrow
efficio -ere, -feci, -fectus; effect, bring about
etiam (adv) even
huc (adv) to this place
illuc (adv) to that place
intendo -ere, -tendi, -tentus; stretch out, extend, aim, exert
inter (prep + acc) between, among
ita (adv) so, in this way
modo (adv)only; just, just now
notus -a, -um; known, well known, customary
nuntio (1) report, announce
nuntius -i M; messenger, message
nuper (adv) recently
os oris, N; mouth, expression
ostendo -ere, -tendi, -tentus; show, expose
paro (1) prepare, make ready, provide, get
paulus -a, -um; little, small
pax pacis F; peace
polliceor -eri, -itus sum; promise
propero (1) hasten
qualis -e; of what kind, what kind of
rideo -ere, risi, risus; laugh at
senex senis; old
sic (adv) so, in this way
talis -e; such, of such a sort
talis...qualis such....as
tempestas -tatis, F; weather, storm, season
trans (prep + acc) across, on the other side of
tum or tunc (adv) then, at that time
ubique (adv); everywhere, anywhere, wherever
veritas -tatis, F; truth
vinco -ere, vici, victus; conquer, beat, overcome
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